Monday, July 12, 2010

Handmade envies!!!!!!

Tonight I decided to try a new crafty endeavor, I took it upon myself to make handmade envelopes for one of my swaps on swapbot and OMG they came out so amazing!!! I am so loving them and I think my swap partners will really enjoy them too!!!! I think I'll have to start making these more often!! (uh-oh, time to go back to the craft store to pick up a bunch more of those scrapbooking decorative pages, those are what I used to make my envies! One of them is black with grey stars and the other is a red background with spooky spiderweb print!!) Yep, I definitely need to make some more of these, I like them alot!!!!


  1. U have got to do a post w/ some pics showing how to make the envies plz! I have been dying to see how to make these. I received a few of them in a swap and liked them because they were made w/ thick paper. Just not sure if I could do it myself. BTW: Great job on the blog ;)

  2. I am featuring you in my blog in my new post and for two weeks in my sidebar column. I hope you can see and like it *

    swap-bot: ellipse


  3. I love making envelopes too. I like recycling old coffeetable books that I pick up at yard sales now and then :)

    - rumblegirl (from Swap-Bot)

  4. I would love to have you as a swap partner for envies....sounds like fun. I have posted my comment because you are my partner for swap bot Follow my blog swap. This is from glennasgarden. I already like your blog so I am now following you.

  5. I'd like to see pictures of your envies, I've never succeeded in making them. I get so wrapped up on trying to design that I end up tossing them aside. Maybe yours will inspire me!


  6. Thank you all for your comments!! I do wish I had taken pics of those envies before I sent them, I was so proud of them LOL I will make some more though, I actually want to hit up the craft store for a bunch more cool paper and make a whole bunch of different sized envies, and I also want to figure out how to make ATC sized envies for my ATC swaps because that would be super cool!! I actually enjoyed it so much I might start making some matching cards and envies and list them on etsy or something!!! I'd love to have an etsy store, I think it would be fun! I've always got so many ideas, I actually have a really cool crafty idea but don't know if I could actually do quite what I'm envisioning, but since I'm into the whole dark gothic type stuff, I wanted to find old porcelain dolls from thrift stores and garage sales and what not and then take them and recreate them into little gothic dolls, you know, make little clothes for them, cute little striped tights and stuff and then paint on the makeup, get fake hair and cut it into cool gothy styles and stuff like that....I got the idea while looking at my mothers humongous shelf of porcelain dolls LOL what do you guys think? :D